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CeNS Ph.D. student won the best poster award at ITAM!

Ms. Trupthi Devaiah C from Dr. Pralay Santra's research group has received one of the Best Poster prizes sponsored by the Journal of Materials Chemistry C at the Interdisciplinary Topics in Materials Science (ITAM-2021) conference. She presented her recent work on "Degradation Studies of Cs3Sb2I9: A Lead-Free Perovskite."

tripthi certificate news 16 09 21

CeNS Ph.D Student received best poster award at PERENHAR, a nanoGe conference!

Mr. Anamul Haque from Dr. Pralay Santra's research group has received one of the Best ePoster prize from Perovskite for Energy Harvesting: From Fundamentals to Devices (PERENHAR) Conference, organized by nanoGe. He presented his recent work on "Insights into the interparticle mixing of CsPbBr3 and CsPbI3 nanocubes: halide ion migration and kinetics." The poster and the certificate received are shown below.

nanoGe V1 AH




CeNS researcher won a prize in “Magnetism as Art Showcase” !

Subir Roy from Dr. Angappane’s group won a prize in “Magnetism as Art Showcase” competition for the image of spherical magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and their self-assembly captured using FESEM. The image was selected for the top four finalists and awarded with USD 200 in the competition, hosted during Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM 2020) Virtual Conference held during November 2-6, 2020. They titled the image as “Play with my magnetic nanoballs”. The image and the certificate received are shown below.

magnetic nanoballs

Spherical shaped magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, synthesized by hydrothermal method shows various self-assembled geometries.


magnetic nanoballs certificate

Prof. Chandrasekhar S and Dr C V Yelamaggad, recognized as one among the world’s top Scientists

Prof. Chandrasekhar S and Dr C V Yelamggad recognized as one among the world’s the top Scientist in the field of Applied Physics and NanoScience and Technology respectively. The prestigious list was prepared by a team of scientists at Stanford University and published in the journal PLOS Biology


The Scitech, Monthly magazine coverage on the news item "Interaction between light and molecules can power optical devices" authored by Rajalaxmi Sahoo etal.

The Scitech, a monthly magazine has covered the news item which appeared recently in the DST website with the title “Interaction between light and molecules can power optical devices”. The magazine covers the latest important events in the areas of Science and Technology across the globe. The research team involving Rajalaxmi Sahoo, D.S. Shankar Rao, U.S. Hiremath, C.V. Yelamaggad, and S.KrishnaPrasad have discovered that UV and blue light combination switches the system back and forth between 3D and 1D photonic structures, with the change being instantaneous (less than few tens of a second) causing variation of photonic wavelength over 100 nanometre. The results are published the results Journal of Physical Chemistry


DST-CeNS develops a comfortable face mask which allows breathability

DST-CeNS develops a comfortable face mask which allows breathability Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

India Science TV Channel Facebook Video link

CeNS transfers a face mask design to Camellia Clothing Ltd. for mass production

With the increase of active COVID cases in India and other countries, it is strongly recommended to have face masks advised for the general public. While the healthcare professionals can use the special and high technical quality medical masks, for the general public, a mask with moderate filtering efficiency should suffice, provided one need not compromise comfort particularly during wearing for long hours.

A team of researchers at Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS), Bangalore, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology, have developed a cup-shaped design (patent filed) of the mask, that helps to create enough space in front of the mouth while speaking. This snug fit mask causes no speech distortion, no fogging on glasses, and indeed,packs well all around leaving practically no room for leakage while breathing. Another important advantage is its high breathability allowing one to wear without any discomfort. Further, the researchers have chosen thefabric layers such that there is a possibility of deactivating pathogens sheerly by the electric charges that may prevail under mild friction due to triboelectric nature of the fabric. These advanced level tests are being carried out.

CeNS has transferred this technology to Camellia Clothing Ltd., a Bangalore based garment company, established a couple of decades ago. The company wishes to produce and sell around one lakh mask per day through different distribution channels throughout India.

CeNS transfers a face mask

CeNS received "Best Exhibitor Award for the year 2020"at Bangalore India Nano

CeNS stall bagged “Best Exhibitor Award for the Year 2020” in the category of Interactive and Best Managed Stall


Best Exhibitor Award

Mr Ramesh Chandra Sahoo received Best poster award at Bangalore India Nano

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo has been awarded the “Best Poster Presentation Award” for his poster entitled "Role of Transition Metals in Layered Double Hydroxides for Differentiating the Oxygen Evolution and Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensing" at 11th Bangalore India Nano


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