Wednesday, 17 July 2024

A New Twist In Graphene Research: Twisted Graphene 

U. Mogera & G. U. Kulkarni
Carbon, 2019

Carbon Umesha 2019

eGraphene is perhaps the most studied material around the globe in recent years. It has served as a classic example of 2D materials not just because of the historical reasons, but importantly, due to distinctly observable dimensional crossover in it, from 2D to 3D, via Bernal stacked (AB) bilayer to multilayer finally culminating in graphite. The interlayer interactions that are thus responsible, however, tend to differ vastly in presence of defects or disorders. Of particular interest is the angular disorder causing the layers to stack in a manner away from the conventional AB packing. The new class of graphene systems involving a twist among otherwise highly crystalline 2D layers, is often termed as twisted graphene. The twist as a new degree of freedom induces several angle dependent properties, from visible absorption to superconductivity, unheard of in the case of graphene itself. In some instances, the layers may become highly decoupled such that a layer under twist may behave as though suspended, being free from any substrate influence. This is when the extraordinary properties of graphene also are truly observable.
The presentation will provide an overview of the recent developments in twisted graphene covering aspects related to its synthesis, twist dependent properties and potential applications. The results from the laboratory related to a new type of twisted graphene multistack will also be presented.

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