Sunday, 28 February 2021

Dr. Sujeet Dutta

National Post Doctoral Fellow

Veerabhadraswamy B.N.

Veerabhadraswamy B.N. (Nov 2018 - 19 May 2019)

Provisional Research Associate


Research Objectives: Synthesis and characterization of

  • Ferroelectric liquid crystals
  • Fluorescent discotics (Photoluminescent)
  • Optically active dimers
  • Cholesterol based non-symmetric dimers
  • Achiral bent-rod dimers


Supervisor - Dr. C V Yelamaggad


Dr. Vivek Ramakrishnan

Current Research Topics

  • Transition metal oxide based hetero junction nanostructures for photo-electrochemical water splitting
  • Molybdenum oxide based nanostructures for energy generation – electrocatalysis (HER) and super capacitor
  • Ultrafast synthesis of Transition metal oxide nanostructures – Microwave route

Ph D Research Topic

  • Photochemistry in the layered micro-environment
  • Ultrafast spectroscopic (pico and nanosecond laser) investigation of molecular heat trapping

Supervisor - Dr. Neena S John

Anil Asktakala

Dr. Anil Kumar Astakala
(PhD - National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra)

(Jun - Dec 18)

Supervisor: Dr. Pralay K Santra


Rajasekhar Yerrasani (Since Oct 2017 - )

Project Title - Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Perylene-based Discotic Liquid Crystals


National Post Doctoral Fellow (DST)


Research Objectives: Design, synthesis and characterization of

  • Perylene based discotics
  • Chiral ferroelectric smectic C (SmC*) liquid crystals
  • Banana shaped liquid crystals


Supervisor - Dr. C V Yelamaggad

IMG 7309

Dr. Kiruthika S.

New strategies for the fabrication of transparent functional devices using invisible metal mesh electrodes, which is the new class of transparent conducting electrodes developed in this laboratory. Functional devices, particularly in the context of smart windows where fabricated using mesh as transparent electrode. The usage was extended to other devices suggest a defrosting and defogging windows, transparent supercapacitors, electrochromic supercapacitors and transparent photodetectors. These devices clearly demonstrates how metal mesh serves as inexpensive alternative for ITO films while having additional advantages such as high temperature attainability and flexible heaters with few second response times.

E-mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 7316

Dr. Umesha Mogera

Fields of graphene, graphene stacks (its synthesis by CVD and other means, transferring techniques, properties, and devices) and supramolecular assemblies (towards the realization of novel devices such as FETs, sensors, supercapacitors etc.). Experienced in electrical transport measurements, Raman and other spectroscopies, SPM methodologies, etc.

E-mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supervisor - Prof. G. U. Kulkarni


Dr. Bhagwati Sharma
(PhD - Indian Institute of Technology, Indore)

Currently: Assistant Professor, MNIT, Jaipur, India

(Jul - Dec 17)

Supervisor: Dr. Pralay K Santra

Dr. Dharm Dev

Dr. Dharm Dev (January 2017- March 2017)

Research Associate


Supervisor - Dr. C V Yelamaggad

Dr. Nani Babu Palakurthy

Dr. Nani Babu Palakurthy (March 2014 - June 2016)

Research Associate



Supervisor - Dr. C V Yelamaggad

Dr. V. Padmini

Dr. V. Padmini (Worked as RA/CSIR at CeNS) (July 2006 - June 2009)

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Organic Chemistry
Madurai Kamaraj University, Palkalai Nagar, Madurai, Tamilanadu - 625 021.


Supervisor - Dr. C V Yelamaggad