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Authors Name Title Journal name Vol no Page no Year DOI Affiliated to CeNS
Chandraraj Alex, Muhammed Safeer Naduvil Kovilakath, Nikhil N. Rao, Chinnusamy Sathiskumar, Akhil Tayal, Lavanya Meesala, Pramod Kumar, Neena S. John, In-situ generated Ni(OH)2 on chemically activated spent catalyst sustains urea electro-oxidation in extensive alkaline conditions International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 59 390-399 2024 DOI Yes
Muhammed Safeer Naduvil Kovilakath, Chandraraj Alex, Nikhil N. Rao, Debabrata Bagchi, Akhil Tayal, Sebastian C. Peter, and Neena S. John Unfolding the Significance of Regenerative Active Species in Nickel Hydroxide-Based Systems for Sustained Urea Electro-Oxidation Chemistry of Materials     2024 DOI Yes
Ramya Prabhu B., Bhamy Maithry Shenoy, Manish Verma, Soumyashant Nayak, Gopalkrishna Hegde, Neena S John Self-cleaning formulations of mixed metal oxide-silver micro-nano structures with spiky coronae as antimicrobial coatings for fabrics and surfaces Materials Advances 5:10 4293-4310 2024 DOI Yes
Nikhil N Rao, C Alex, M Mukherjee, S. Roy, A. Tayal, Ayan Datta, Neena S. John

Evidence for exclusive direct mechanism of urea electro-oxidation driven by in-situ generated resilient active species on a rare earth-nickelate

ACS Catalysis 14:2 981–993 2024 DOI Yes
Bramhaiah Kommula, Ramya Prabhu B, Harishankar Kopperi, Vinay S. Bhat, Gurumurthy Hegde, Neena S. John Diverse Morphologies of Nb2O5 Nanomaterials: A Comparative Study for the Growth Optimization of Elongated Spiky Nb2O5 and Carbon Nanosphere Composite Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 41:3 2300118 2023 DOI Yes
K Lobo, V K Gangaiah, C Alex, Neena S John, HSS Ramakrishna Matte Spontaneous Decoration of Ultrasmall Pt Nanoparticles on Size-Separated MoS2 Nanosheets Chemistry–A European Journal 29:56 e202301596 2023 DOI Yes
B M Basavaraja, Ramya Prabhu B, A Tripathi, G Hegde, Neena S John, R Thapa, G Hegde, R G Balakrishna, M Saxena, A Altaee, A K Samal Functionalized Silver Nanocubes for the Detection of Hazardous Analytes through Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Experimental and Computational Studies ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 11:29 10605-10619 2023 DOI Yes
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Muhammed Safeer N. K, C. Sathiskumar, Neena S. John Metallic MoO2 as a Highly Selective Catalyst for Electrochemical Nitrogen Fixation to Ammonia under Ambient Conditions ChemistrySelect 8 e202203344 2023 DOI Yes
Ramya Prabhu B, C. Kavitha, Neena S. John Ag decorated sea urchin-MoO3 based hierarchical micro-nano structures as surface - enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates for the detection of a nitrosamine industrial pollutant Materials Today Communications 33 104995 2022 DOI Yes
Karthika S Sunil, K. Bramhaiah, S. Mandal, S. Kar, Neena S. John, S. Bhattacharyya Emergence of long afterglow and room temperature phosphorescence emissions from ultra-small sulfur dots Materials Advances 3 2037-2046 2022 DOI Yes
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Kommula Bramhaiah, Rahul Bhuyan, Srayee Mandal, Subhajit Kar, Ramya Prabhu, Neena S John, Moritz Gramlich, Alexander S Urban, Santanu Bhattacharyya Molecular, Aromatic, and Amorphous Domains of N-Carbon Dots: Leading toward the Competitive Photoluminescence and Photocatalytic Properties The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125:7 4299-4309 2021 DOI Yes
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