Saturday, 22 June 2024
Rekha S Hegde

Ms. Rekha S Hegde

  • Topic: Synthesis and Studies on Thermotropic Liquid Crystals


Supervisor - Dr. Veena Prasad

Monika M

Dr. Monika M (Ph. D 2019)


Thesis title - A Study on Structure-Property Relations of some Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Materials


Supervisor - Dr. Veena Prasad

Nagu Photo

Dr. Nagaveni N.G (Ph. D 2015)

Thesis title - Novel Photochromic Liquid Crystals: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties


Supervisor - Dr. Veena Prasad

Sanjay Kumar Varshney

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Varshney (Ph. D 2010)

Thesis Title - Discotic Liquid Crystals as Functional Materials: Synthesis and Mesomorphism


Supervisor: Dr. Veena Prasad