Thursday, 13 June 2024

Special lecture on Nikola Tesla Day

CeNS organized a  special lecture as part of AKAM on the occasion of "Nicola Tesla Day" for which Mr Chethan Pathak is invited who is working as Assistant Vice President- Business Development, Log 9 Materials, Bengaluru. He delivered talk on titled "Technology Advancements in Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) & Achieving Commercial Viability with Indigenous Research & Development (R&D). During this talk he shared experiences from on transition from Conventional sources of energy to green energy from India's perspective.  He also discussed the role of start-Ups and R&D organizations contributions. Mr Chetan also discussed about Integration of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) to Electricity Distribution Infrastructure (i.e., Renewable Integration, Rooftop Solar PV Net Metering, Grid level Energy Storage Solutions, for setting up Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure), Regulatory Affairs, Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management, Smart Metering, Inventory Management, and New Product Development.