Monday, 22 April 2024

State of Matter

Under the V4 program, a lecture on the topic of liquid crystals (LCs) was presented on 09-07-2022 (Saturday) from 10 to 11 am. About 40 students and two teachers from RNS PRE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road, Channasandra, R R Nagar Post, Bengaluru. They were informed about the fact that the Science of LCs is a multi-disciplinary one that includes concepts and techniques from Chemistry, Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, and   Biophysics. Their soft and delicate nature as well as their vitality in Living Systems and Nature were presented.  Their important properties and usage in various liquid crystal displays were discussed.  In the concluding session, the birefringence and fluidity of liquid crystals were demonstrated through simple experiments.  The students were enthusiastic to leans about this part of the amazing science; they participated actively by posing a large number of questions.