Thursday, 23 November 2017
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Administrative and Technical Staff

Name Designation Contact
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Mr. Subhod M. Gulvady Administrative Officer 202 sgulvady
Mr. Vivek Dubey Accounts Officer 208 vdubey
Mrs. P. Nethravathi Office Superintendent 209 nethra
Mr. M.G. Narayan Consultant 243 mgn
Mr. S. Deepak Public Relations and Maintainence (Contract) 250 deepak
Mr. Jayaram M UDC 210 jayaram
Mrs. Nayana J. Library Assistant 244 nayana
Dr. Sanjay K. Varshney Technical Assistant 246/255 skv
Mrs. Sandhya D. Hombal Technical Assistant 256 sandhya
Mr. Manjunatha Administrative Assistant (Contract) 274 manjunath
Ms. Jyothi U. V. Administrative Assistant (Contract) 285 jyothi
Ms. Manasa K. R. Office Assistant (Contract) 209 manasa
Ms. Madhura Hegde Office Assistant (Contract) 212 madhura
Ms. Adithi H. M Office Assistant (Contract) 273 adhithihm
Ms. Ranjita Bhat Office Assistant (Contract) 274/251 ranjita
Ms. Reetu K. Office Assistant (Contract) 287 reetu
Ms. Veena Office Assistant (Contract) 285 veena.v
Ms. Bindu Office Assistant (Contract) 272 bindu
Mr. Venkatesh K. Office Assistant (Contract) 290 venkatesh
Mr. Arun.D. R & D Assistant 223 arun
Ms. M. Prasanna Mukka R & D Assistant 279 prasanna
Ms Pallavi V R & D Assistant 228 pallavi
Mr. Dharmendra Singh R & D Assistant 227 dsingh
Mr Shivam  Trivedi R & D Assistant 260 shivam.trivedi
Mr.V.Samuel Hebich Support  220  
Mr.V.K.Jayaprakash Support 274