Monday, 01 June 2020

X-ray Diffractometer [Rigaku SmartLab]

X ray Diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab

Technical and Characterization Specifications:

  • Powder samples and thin films -
    • Horizontal sample mounting
  • Bragg-Brentano (theta-theta) and parallel beam (grazing incidence) geometry
  • Cu KAlpha line
  • 3 kW X-Ray generator
  • Bent/flat switchable receiving graphite monochromator
  • Rotating sample plate
  • 4" wafer sample plate; maximum thickness-1 mm
  • Scanning range: -3 Deg-160 Deg (2theta equivalent)
  • Minimum step width-0.0001 Deg.
  • Variable slit widths
  • Goniometer radius : 300 mm
  • Scintillation counter and semiconductor detector
  • Rocking curve measurement
  • Automatic identification of crystal structure with PDF database
  • PDXL software based refinement to obtain lattice parameters, unit cell volume
  • Crystallite size and lattice strain analysis
  • Global Fit XRR Reflectivity Analysis Software
  • Reflectivity analysis-
    • FFT film thickness analysis function,
    • surface & interface roughness, and density analysis function by curve fitting
  • Simulation function of reflectivity profile