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उच्चतर आउटरीच

फैकल्टी और शोधकर्ता विज्ञान के सामान्य विषयों की एक विस्तृत विविधता के अलावा, नैनो विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी, और मृदु पदार्थ विज्ञान, के विशिष्ट क्षेत्रों पर व्याख्यान देने के लिए काफी सुसज्जित हैं। हमें आपके संस्थान में निम्नलिखित लक्षित घटनाओं के तेजी से आयोजन में मदद करने में खुशी होगी

विभिन्न विषयों पर व्याख्यान देने के अलावा, CeNS में फैकल्टी भी खुशी से निम्नलिखित घटनाओं का आयोजन करने में मदद करेंगे :-

BCONS: नैनो-सॉफ्ट साइंस पर 1-दिवसीय बेसिक कोर्स ।

ProCONS: नैनो-सॉफ्ट साइंस पर 1-दिवसीय उन्नत पाठ्यक्रम। जिसमें डेमो और क्विज़ शो शामिल हैं ।

हम outreach[at] cens.res.in पर भेजे गए आपके अनुरोध पर विचार करने के लिए आतुर रहेंगे

यदि आपके विद्यालय में BCONS ProCoNS कार्यक्रम आयोजित किया जाना है, तो यहां क्लिक करें।


Higher Outreach

The faculty and researchers are quite well equipped to deliver lectures on specific areas of nanoscience and technology, and soft matter sciences, besides a wide variety of general topics in science. We would also be glad to help in organizing the following sharply focused events in your institute

Apart from giving lectures on various topics the faculty at CeNS would also gladly help to organize the following events

BCONS: 1-day Basic Course on Nano-Soft science

ProCONS: 1-day Advanced Course on Nano-Soft science. Includes Demos and Quiz show

We would be eager to consider your request sent to outreach[at]cens.res.in

If the programme BCONS PROCONS is to be conducted in your school click here.


Session 1: Let Us Re-learn to lead

Speaker; Prof. B L V Prasad

Session 2: This is Physics  Experimental demonstrations

Speaker: Sri Lakshman Suri U

Date - Mar 28, 2023

Participating Institute -Jaigopal Garodia Rashtrothana Vidyalaya, Kalyan Nagar

Session 1:
Let us Re-learn to lead

Speaker: Prof. B L V Prasad

Session 2: Magic and Science- The art of “active” learning & Research

Speaker: Prof. Anil Kumar, IIT Bombay

Date -  Feb 28, 2023

Participating Institute - Shantiniketan Public School, Ramanagar

Title-Bottom up synthesis of nanoparticles: How it has started and progressed? 

Speaker- Prof. B L V Prasad

Date -  Oct 8-10, 2022

Participating Institute - Karnataka University, Dharwad

Session – 1:   Let Us Learn To Lead

Speaker: Prof B L V Prasad

Session – 2:  Nanoscience in Materials Research

Speaker: Dr Pralay Santra

Session – 3:  Nanolithography

Speaker: Dr Angappane

Date - Feb 25, 2022

Participating Institute - RN Shetty PU college, Murdeshwar

70 Students and 5 Staff


Nanomaterials for flexible electronics

Speaker- Prof. B L V Prasssad

Date -  Aug 3, 2021

Participating Institute - One day National Webinar on Nano Materials and their Applications was organized on 3rd Aug 2021. The webinar was organized by the Dept. of Chemistry, Krishna University, Machilipatnum in association with KBN college, Vijayawada. Prof. B L V Prasssad delivered the lecture on "Nanomaterials for flexible electronics". It was attended by close to 150 Master and PhD students of Chemistry and 25 faculty members.

Nanoscience: The New and Big Science of Small.

Speaker- Dr. H S S Ramakrishna Matte

Date - July 15, 2021

Participating Institute - Shantiniketan Group of Institution

101 students participated from Class 11

outreach july 21

One day Lecture Series on "Physics of Materials"


Speaker- Dr. S. Krishna Prasad

Date -  Mar 6, 2020

Participating Institute - St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru

Dr S Krishna Prasad was the Chief Guest for the Inauguration, as well as a resource person and delivered two talks, "Liquid Crystals - Basics and Applications" and"Introduction to Nanoscience and Technology" at the One day Lecture Serieson "Physics of Materials" held at St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru on 6 March 2020.

Liquid crystals: Science and Technology


Speaker- Dr. C. V. Yelamaggad

Date - Nov 19, 2019 from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Participating Institute - Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana College, Kothapeta, Vijayawada.

As many as 200 students studying in 11th and 12th Standard and five teachers attended the presentation. The lecture covered discovery, definition, classification, general perspective, and applications of liquid crystals. Their importance in day-to-day life was revealed. During the demonstration, some representative students participated. The students asked thought-provoking questions.

Liquid Crystals: Life, Science, and Technology


Speaker- Dr. C. V. Yelamaggad

Date - 18th November (Monday), 2019 from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm

Participating Institute - Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

About 150 students, four faculty members, and other 10 project staffs attend the lecture. Besides the lecture, the students were made do carry out some experiments; they made to show the simultaneous occurrence of mobility and double refraction in liquid crystals.