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Authors Name Title Journal name Vol no Page no Year DOI Affiliated to CeNS
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Ajeet Singh, Jyoti Rohilla, Md. Samim Hassan, Trupthi Devaiah C., Pravin P. Ingole,* Pralay K. Santra,* Dibyajyoti Ghosh,* Sameer Sapra* MoSe2/SnS Nanoheterostructures for Water Splitting ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 (3) 4293-4304 2022 DOI Yes
Modasser Hossain and Pralay K Santra Spray coated micropatterning of metal halide perovskite for anticounterfeiting fluorescent tags Nanotechnology   0957-4484 2022 DOI Yes
Pralay K. Santra, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Giridhar U. Kulkarni, Suman Kundu, Tejaswini S. Rao, Mukhesh K. Ganesha Aesthetically Acceptable, Breath Friendly Triboelectric Face Masks: Design, Fabrication and its Efficacy Energy Technology  2100614  1-6 2021  DOI  Yes
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Trupthi Devaiah Chonamada, Dr. Bhagwati Sharma, Dr. Jayashree Nagesh, Abhishek Shibu, Dr. Shyamashis Das, Kommula Bramhaiah, Dr. Nasani Rajendar, Dr. Neena S. John, Dr. Pralay K. Santra Origin of Luminescence-Based Detection of Metal Ions by Mn–Doped ZnS Quantum Dots ChemistrySelect 4:46 13551-13557 2019 DOI



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Anamul Haque, Ananya Banik, Rahul Mahavir Varma, Indranil Sarkar, Kanishka Biswas, and Pralay K. Santra Understanding the Chemical Nature of the Buried Nanostructures in Low Thermal Conductive Sb-Doped SnTe by Variable Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy J. Phys. Chem. C  123 10272  2019 DOI Yes
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