UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometer with Diffuse Reflectance

Perkin –Elmer Lambda 750

Technical Features:

  • High performance UV/Vis/NIR double beam, double monochromator, ratio recording spectrometer.
  • Wavelength range 190-3300 nm
  • Absorbance, transmission of fluids, thin films and diffuse reflectance of thin films, powders
  • Integrating 100 mm Spectralon coated sphere, which can be used without any adjustment- reflectance wavelength range 200-2500 nm
  • Thin film solid sample holder for thin film transmission measurement
  • Tungsten-halogen and deuterium lamp with automatic source change
  • Photomultiplier R955 detector for UV/Visible range and peltier cooled PbS detector for NIR wavelength range
  • Spectral bandwidth from 0.17 -5 nm UV/Vis and 0.2 – 20 nm NIR
  • Beam splitting system- chopper (46+ Hz, cycle: dark/sample/dark/reference, chopper segment signal correction CSSC)
  • Photometric range- 6 A
  • UV/Vis resolution ≤ 0.17 nm ,NIR resolution ≤ 0.20 nm
  • System control via the UV-WinLab operating software for compatible Personal Computers.

Sample requirement guidelines:

UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy -The sample forms can be Liquid or Thin film

Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy- The samples forms can be Powder or Thin film

  1. The wavelength range should lie within 200nm-3000nm.
  2. The sample can be sent in the form of
    • Powder

      1. If it is powder then user need to specify the Solvent in which it can be dispersed or if it is special Solvent then it has to be supplied by user
      2. Amount of the sample: 1mg-10mg.
    • Liquid

      1. Minimum amount of the sample: 5mL
    • Thin film

      1. Dimension of the sample :1.5*1.5cm2 to 2.0*2.0cm2
      2. Two blank substrates are required for UV-VIS-Spectroscopy