Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog-3

Technical Features: 

  • It provides fluorescence information, typically occurring within about ~ 10^-9 s, (as either an excitation or emission spectrum) .
  • Measures the intensity and the wavelength distribution of the light emitted as fluorescence from a molecule excited at a specific wavelength or wavelengths within the absorption band of a particular fluorophore
  • Fluorescence of solid samples, solutions, thin film, liquid crystal thin films (as a function of temperature ) can be obtained.
  • It features 450 W ozone free Xe source and double Czerny Turner optics with 1200 g/mm grating blazed at 500 nm, continuously adjustable entrance, exit , and intermediate slits operated under computer control.
  • Possesses a double –grating monochromator at the excitation position and a single –grating emission monochromator in an L configuration.
  • Samples can be analyzed at very low concentrations (sub-picomolar); photon-counting detection strips noise away from weak signals.
  • Wavelength range 200-900 nm

Sample requirement guidelines:

If Emission Spectra is required mention the Excitation wavelength else

If Excitation Spectra is required mention the Emission wavelength

If wavelengths are different for different samples, kindly specify.
1. The wavelength range should range from 200 nm-900 nm.
2. The sample can be sent in the form of

  • Powder
    1. If it is powder then user need to specify the Solvent in which it can be dispersed or if it is special Solvent then it has to be supplied by user.
    2. Amount of the sample: 1mg-10mg.
  • Liquid
    1. Minimum amount of the sample: 5mL.
  • Thin film
    1. Dimension of the sample :1.5*1.5cm2 to 2.0*2.0cm2