How to use facility

Sample submission procedure and guidelines

  • Fill the online request form, sign and submit.
  • Separate forms are required for each type of equipment.
  • Under ‘Measurement details’ in the request form, please give all measurement parameters.
    For eg. For spectroscopy and diffraction, give scan range, scan rate etc; for thermal analysis, give the temperature range and heating/cooling rate, atmosphere etc. and for microscopy, give the magnifications desired and also specify if gold coating is required for electron microscopy.
  • In the signature column, please provide your name.
  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of request form with an assigned Docket No. and bank details will be communicated.
  • The allotted time will be communicated upon confirmation of payment. The allotment is made based on the availability of the equipment time. In most cases 2-3 weeks of waiting time will be there.
  • After the allotment confirmation, the samples may be sent by post/courier or brought in person if presence during the measurement is desired.
  • The data will be sent by E-mail only.
  • The samples if needed to be returned have to be collected directly from CeNS within a month. CeNS will not be responsible for the loss of samples/data after this period.
  • For non-routine measurements or usage of specialized research equipments, refer to the ‘Instrument Brochure’ uploaded on CeNS website and contact the concerned faculty.

Data transfer

  • Data will be transferred through E-mail
  • If the data are used in publications or theses, kindly acknowledge the same in the format, ‘CeNS, Bangalore is acknowledged for providing (fill name of equipment/measurement) facility’.


  • Once you receive the request for making payment, the specified amount has to be paid in advance by Electronic Transfer via State Bank Collect Website.
  • Go to State Bank Collect website -> Select “State” as Karnataka and “Type” as Govt. Department -> Search for “Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences” -> Sample Characterization Fee
  • For a detailed description please download the attached document.
  • After the payment, Kindly send proof (Acknowledgement receipt) to

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation requests have to be sent to, two weeks in advance of the allotted time.
  • The amount paid will be returned after deducting 10% as cancellation charges.

Address for Communication
The Administrative Officer
Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS),
P.B. No.1329, Jalahalli, Bangalore-560013
Email :
Ph: 080-2308- 4200/4209/4223