Confocal Raman Microscope

Horiba Jobin Yvon  XploRA PLUS V1.2 MULTILINE

Technical Features:

  • Research grade optical microscope – Olumpus BX, complete microscope with 2 position motorized white light illuminator Koehler illumination by reflection (LED eqv 100 W)/ transmission (Halogen 30 W), Abbe condenser and 2 objectives
  1. 20X (NA=0.4 WD=1.3mm) , 100(NA=0.9  WD=0.21mm)
  2. 50X LWD visible objective (NA=0.50 WD=10.6mm)
  • Raman spectrometer-
    Integrated imaging spectrometer with 4 gratings mounted on motorized turret with gratings: 600gr, 1200gr, 1800gr and 2400gr HORIBA Scientific CCD detector, TE air cooled (-60 ⁰ C), 1024×256 pixel, 16 bit
    Range: 200-1050 nm, QE: ~ 60% @ 700nm@ RT
  • Laser-
  1. Air cooled solid state laser, 532 nm/ 25mW. Edge and Band pass filters set at 532 nm for measurements from 60 cm-1
  2. Air cooled solid state laser, 638 nm/30 mW. Edge and Band pass filters set at 638 nm for measurements from 50 cm-1
  • Air cooled solid state laser, 785 nm/100 mW. Edge and Band pass filters set at 785 nm for measurements from 50 cm-1
  • Spectral resolution – With 532 nm wavelength ≤ 1.4 cm-1/ pixel with 2400 grooves/mm
  • Confocal resolution: ≤ 500 nm lateral XY (with 532 nm)
  • Motorized PC controlled 6 position ND filter wheel for laser power adjustment (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%)
  • Motorized PC controlled confocal pinhole
  • Motorized PC controlled entrance slit for resolution selection Confocal coupling optics and motorized filter selection
  • XY motorized stage, X=75 mm-Y=50mm.PC controlled by LabSpec software includes Z profiling
    XY specifications: minimum step size=10nm; repeatability=1µm; resolution: 100 nm
  • LabSpec6 spectral software suite for the easy acquisition and analysis and analysis of Raman data. Includes control of the hardware and acquisition parameters, AUTO calibration, customizable methods, FLAT fluorescence subtraction, peak label and fit, image capture, smoothing, spectral subtraction etc.
  • SWIFT fast confocal Raman mapping

Sample requirement guidelines:

  1. Possible Wavenumber range: 100cm-1 to 4000cm-1
  2. The sample can be sent in the form of
    • Powder
      • Amount of the sample: 1mg-10mg.
    • Liquid
      • Minimum amount of the sample: 2mL
    • Thin film
      • Dimension of the sample :1.5X1.5cm2 to 2.0X2.0cm2