Atomic force Microscope

Agilent Technologies 5500

Technical Features:

  • Contact Mode AFM & F-Z spectroscopy for topography imaging and force measurements
  • Intermittent Contact Mode AFM
  • Sample types: Thin films, polished solids, dispersed powders on substrates like silicon, HOPG, Au/mica, quartz
  • Sample dimensions: X,Y (max) 20 mm, 35 mm for ambient AFM imaging,
  • Top down multipurpose closed loop large scanner (XY 90μm, Z 8μm),
  • Top down multipurpose open small scanner (XY 9μm, Z 2μm),
  • Scanners compatible with environmental and temperature control options
  • AFM head with easy laser alignment and high resolution CCD camera
  • Vibration and acoustic isolation chamber
  • Environmental control chamber
  • PicoView software capable of real-time 3D data rendering
  • PicoImage software for analysis and post-processing images

Sample requirement guidelines:
Sample can be sent in the form of Thin film or Solid piece

  • Dimension of the sample: 1.5*1.5cm2 to 2.0*2.0cm2.
  • Sample should not have large Roughness variations across the surface.