Monday, 16 July 2018



Dr. Bhagwati Sharma

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
(July 2017 - Dec 2017)

Supervisor: Dr. Pralay K Santra


Assistant Professor 
Rewa Engineering College
Rewa, Madhya Pradesh-486002, India


Abhishek Shibu

R&D Assistant
(Feb 2017 - Jul 2017)

Supervisor: Dr. Pralay K Santra

IMG 7309

Dr. Kiruthika S.

New strategies for the fabrication of transparent functional devices using invisible metal mesh electrodes, which is the new class of transparent conducting electrodes developed in this laboratory. Functional devices, particularly in the context of smart windows where fabricated using mesh as transparent electrode. The usage was extended to other devices suggest a defrosting and defogging windows, transparent supercapacitors, electrochromic supercapacitors and transparent photodetectors. These devices clearly demonstrates how metal mesh serves as inexpensive alternative for ITO films while having additional advantages such as high temperature attainability and flexible heaters with few second response times.

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HN Gayathri

Gayathri H.N. (Ph.D 2017)

Thesis title - Studies on the monolayer and multilayer films of liquid crystalline amphiphilic molecules at interfaces.


Supervisor -  Prof. Kattera. A. Suresh.

T Shilpa Harish

Ms. T Shilpa Harish (Ph.D 2017)

Thesis title - Condensation and structural transitions in thin films at Interfaces.


Supervisor - Dr. P. Viswanath

Lakshmi Madhuri

Pappu lakshmi Madhuri (Ph.D 2016)

Thesis title - Photo-induced effects on Liquid Crystals in restricted Geo-metruics.


Supervisor -  Dr. S. Krishna Prasad.


Dr. Nagaiah Kambhala (Ph D 2016)

Thesis title - Synthesis, Electrical and magnetic properties of some multiferroic and Colossal magnetoresistance material.


Supervisor - Dr. S. Angappane


Dr. R. Rajalakshmi (Ph D 2016)

Thesis title - Synthesis, Characterization and device applications of Zno and transition metal doped Zno thin films.


Supervisor -  Dr. S. Angappane.

Vijaykumar M

VijayKumar. M (Ph.D 2015)

Thesis title - Influence of confined geometry on Anisotropic Soft matter.


Supervisor -  Dr. S. Krishna Prasad

Nagu Photo

Nagaveni N.G (Ph.D 2015)

Thesis title - Novel Photochromic Liquid Crystals: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties


Supervisor - Dr. Veena Prasad